October 14 in Faro, Portugal
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International Speakers


Ricardo Vice Santos

Fika.io | New York

Talking About: Hiding in plain sight — how disruption works

Ricardo Vice Santos is an entrepreneur, advisor, developer and the co-founder of Roger and fika.io. Previously, he led Growth/New Markets at Spotify, working to bring the gift of music to every single person on the planet.

Throughout his tenure, Ricardo oversaw the development, launch, and growth of Spotify in over 30 countries including the U.S., Philippines, and Brazil. He was also a founding member of Spotify’s U.S. engineering team.

Passionate about technology from an early age, Ricardo won the National Programming Olympiad while still in High School. Combining this passion with his love for traveling, he dropped out of college within the first year and worked with technology startups around the globe, including New York, Stockholm, Barcelona, and his hometown of Lisbon, Portugal.

Ricardo was recognized as one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business in 2016 by Fast Company.

Anton Boritskiy

Sitewards GmbH | Frankfurt

Talking About: Automating the infrastructure of a legacy enterprise web application

How to and benefits of migrating the infrastructure of an existing legacy enterprise scale web application project to an ansible-provisioned environment.

Miguel Ángel Martín

PHP Sevilla | Seville

Talking About: Fifty Shades of Frameworks

Miguel Ángel Martin his a Software Engineer with more than 10 years of experience, working in software development and creating products for internet. He is also the mentor of PHP user group in Seville.

Defines himself as a Full Stack, experienced in managing projects using Scrum and working with backend and frontend.

His fields of interests are Agile Methodology and working with techniques designed to improve productivity. He’s passionate about learning new things every day and having the chance to share them.

He believes in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and that they’ll be the basis of the future development of society.

Miguel Coquet

Buzzfeed | Faro

Talking About: The importance of being Earnest … in software development

Trained Software Engineer, designing, developing and maintaining software at all levels of the stack with organisations of various dimensions for over a decade.

Lifelong learner, evangelist of technology as a vehicle for solutions and loving gardener of other humans.

Master of the Universe at his own firm, currently building awesome things with Buzzfeed.com and wondering what might come next.

David & Jorge

Turbine Kreuzberg | Faro

Talking About: Highway to IoT: Fast development of connected things

David Lobato is a developer at Turbine Kreuzberg and an experienced tinkerer.
He is a member of the eLab Hackerspace where he builds stuff, just for fun, with other passionate tinkerers just like him. He learned to flip bits at Madrid, his hometown and past experiences also include building robots (peacefull ones!), embedded systems and sysadmin.

He is now living in Faro, since 2011, where he enjoys a simple life near the ocean.

Jorge Murta grew up in Faro and works as a Full Stack Developer at Turbine Kreuzberg. He's always looking for new challenges and trying to learn from mistakes. For Jorge, having a good team is the key, he believes that everyone can thrive and constantly learn with a good, open minded and dynamic team that is helping each other.

At Turbine Kreuzberg he is manly working with Spryker. Spryker is a modern commerce operating system for big online shops and commerce platforms. After work Jorge doesn't stop coding and works on IoT within the Concierge, a project which he'll present together with David Lobato on the Faro Dev Day.

Miguel Pinto

Legis Pactum | Porto

Talking About: Building high performance teams

Stefan Adolf

LOCADI | Berlin

Talking About: How to survive the first weeks as a developer in a fast growing startup?

After founding and successfully exiting his own startup in 2008 Stefan went on looking for bigger adventures.

An excursion to the corporate world at Samsung SDS Europe lead Stefan back to the Berlin startup scene in 2012 where he tried - and failed - to start up a social storytelling venture.

He then decided to put his energy into two startup companies that care about data collection and comparison technology where he concentrated on fullstack development, legacy migration processes and hybrid mobile apps. Today Stefan works as lead developer for medical and health product comparison platforms within the Check24 family.

Matthias Gronwald

Turbine Kreuzberg | Berlin

Talking About: How to make a brilliant software architecture

Matthias Gronwald is a Technical Director at Turbine Kreuzberg in Berlin.

Working with the web for more than 15 years he has spent his professional time with all kinds of stuff beginning with forging static websites, customizing CMS's and shop systems, integrating numerous 3rd party APIs usually poorly crafted and even poorer documented, administering and maintaining physical and virtual infrastructure, implementing deployments and scribbling system architectures.

Lately most of his time he is trying to make a sense out of clients requirements and translate them into developer speech. Being a developer by education he would consider himself more of a problem solver.

Confirmed Talks


Hiding in plain sight — how disruption works

Ricardo Vice Santos

Automating the infrastructure of a legacy enterprise web application

Anton Boritskiy

Fifty Shades of Frameworks

Miguel Ángel Martín

The importance of being Earnest … in software development

Miguel Coquet

Highway to IoT: Fast development of connected things

David & Jorge

Building high performance teams

Miguel Pinto

How to survive the first weeks as a developer in a fast growing startup?

Stefan Adolf

How to make a brilliant software architecture

Matthias Gronwald

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